HP Car Cam f210


Full HD 1080p Video Recording with continuous GPS tracking.


  • Continuous GPS location synced with video recording

  • Super car software to run on your computer

  • Driver video playback

  • Car tracking on Google Maps

  • Car direction graphic

  • Car speed graphic

  • G-force sensor output graphic

  • GPS signal strength graphic


Collision Detection:

  • Built in accelerometer detects collisions

  • Three sensitivity settings

  • Automatically puts camera in emergency recording mode

  • Emergency recording mode does not allow collision data to be erased recording over write

  • View all collision data on the Super Car PC software


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Still Image     5M Car Cam

Video             1080p (30fps)

                       720p 30fps and 60fps

Features        3-axis G-Force Sensor 

                       emergency trigger; Continuous

                       GPS tracking picture/video

                       location; Multiple Hardward;

                       Automatic IQ optimization

Output           USB high speed

Memory         External Memory SDHC card

                       up to 32GB

Zoom             128 degree wide angle lens

Display           2.4 inch LCD

File Format    Still: Compressed JPEG

                        Video: MOV (H.264+ADPCM


Power             Rechargeable Li-ion battery

                        Mini USB high speed

Accessories   USB Cable, Car Chager w/ 4

                        meter cable, Li-ion

                        rechargeable battery, user

                        guide, warranty card, mounting

                        hardware, CD ROM